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Smart Homes in Cheshire


Smart Home Innovations provides five main services for smart homes in Cheshire. These are designed to improve your home security, and save energy for your home heating and electric bills. 

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Smart home monitoring:

Keep prying eyes out, and make your smart home in Cheshire look active and lived-in, even if you are away. You can also keep your home warm and looking occupied while you are away, or simply close your curtains without needing to move from the sofa.

  • Motion Detectors
  • Contact Sensors



Smart home Cheshire living room



Smart home Cheshire smart cctv

Smart security and CCTV:

Monitor every aspect of your home from your computer or phone. You can connect your doorbells and cameras to this system to act as a guard against unwanted visitors, and also enable your exterior gates to open on command, enhancing security and saving time.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Camera systems
  • Door security
  • Automatic exterior gates




Smart Entertainment/audio

You can turn the TV on and off from a different room, or adjust the volume or graphics settings easily. Change aspects of your sound quality: increase the bass, or the treble, and really get your audio to ‘pop’, all with just voice commands to your home device, such as an Alexa or Google Nest.

  • Smart televisions
  • Smart audio systems
  • Smart music


 Smart home Cheshire smart entertainment


 Smart home Cheshire smart heating


Smart heating:

Ensure each room of your smart home in Cheshire is at the right temperature, save heating costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Make sure your  home is at the right temperature, and control this from anywhere.

  • Smart radiator valves
  • Smart thermostats




Smart lighting:

Turn on and off lights around the home without even turning a switch. This is a great method to deter thieves at night too if you are out. Control the exterior lighting and enhance security and safety around your home for visitors and guests alike. You can even program your lighting to come on at a certain time, and save micromanaging your household lighting.

  • Interior lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Smart lightning


 Smart home Cheshire smart lighting


Smart Innovations are here to create smart homes in Cheshire, for both the domestic and commercial market. You can also have a smart office or shop.



Bring your home into the 21st century with Smart Innovations:

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